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By Emil Schürer

Serious presentation of the entire facts pertaining to Jewish historical past, associations, and literature from a hundred seventy five BC to advert one hundred thirty five; with up to date bibliographies.

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T h e r e is litde other than t h e wider activ­ ities of his kinfolk t o recommend that Philo's public tasks may have taken h i m past the Jewish politeuma into tasks in t h e Alexandrian polis. 24. these treatises within which minimum wisdom ofjewish historical past a n d scripture is presupposed, and that i n which the fashion is comparatively easy, could have been composed for academic o r paraenetic reasons in the group, in all probability to counter apostasy. On t h e homiletic c h a r a c t e r of t h e treatises see P. Borgen, Bread from Heaven (1965), pp. 2 eight - five eight ; V. Nikiprowetzky, Le Commentaire de I'Ecriture chez Philon d'Alexandrie [igT]), p p . 174-80; F. Siegert, Drei hellenistische-jiidische Predigten (1980), pp. 6 - eight . F o r a synagogue context for the Quaestiones see less than, p . eight three zero ; for the sort of context for Philo's allegorical writings as a complete, R. Barraclough, A N R W n . 2 1 . 1 , pp. 447-8. when Philo supplies vent in simple terms to a generalized denunciation of paganism, his feedback of Jewish exegetes, allegorists, literalists and apostates inspires the Jewish atmosphere within which his pursuits have been targeted. Philo does n o t n a m e these whose process h e criticizes, b u t his testimony is indicative of a variety of exegetical traditions in his personal group. See M . J . Shroyer, 'AlexandrianJewish Literalists', J B L fifty five (i936)^^pp. 261-84; S. Belkin, Philo and the Oral legislation (1940), pp. 11-18; H . A. Wolfson, Philo I (1947), p p . five five - eight 6 ; S. S a n d m e l , 'Philo's atmosphere a n d Philo's Exegesis', J B R 22 (1954), pp. 2 four eight - five three ; B. L . Mack, 'Exegetical Traditions in Alexandrian J u d a i s m ' , SP three (1974—5), PP. 71-112 ; D. M . H a y , 'Philo's References to different Allegorists', SP 6 (1979-80), p p . four 1 - 7 five ; P. Borgen, A N R W n. 21. 2, pp. 126-8. For a s u m m a r y of stories o n Philo's testimony t o Alexandrian exegesis and t h e significance of the difficulty see B. Mack, 'Philo J u d a e u s and Exegetical Traditions in Alexandria', A N R W IL21. 1, p p . 227-71. F o r allegorical interpretation see p p . 876-7 lower than. 25. Philo's wisdom of the T h e r a p e u t a e : Colson, Loeb vol. I X , p . 106, n. a. See additional p. 857 under. Pilgrimage to J e r u s a l e m : Prov. Fr. 2, sixty four (possibly a repeated incidence; see Colson, vol. I X advert loc). /. existence and Works M M) o t h e r h a n d , h a v e n o t b e e n g e n e r a l l y permitted. "'*' A* in t h r (. i! »r ol his references to p a g a n i n s t i t u t i o n s , a n d certainly in sonir ol hi

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