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By Miriam T. Griffin

Nero's character and crimes have continuously intrigued historians and writers of fiction. in spite of the fact that, his reign additionally illuminates the character of the Julio-Claudian Principate. Nero's suicide dropped at an finish the dynasty Augustus had based, and positioned in jeopardy the political procedure he had devised.
Miriam T. Griffin's authoratitive survey of Nero's reign contains either a chronological account, in addition to an research of the explanations for Nero's cave in less than the strain of his function as emperor.

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Busts of Nero and Agrippina (jugate). Rev. 2 radiate divi EX S C [RIC2 6; BMC 7] sixteen Obv. Nero bareheaded. Rev. Oak-wreath EX S C [RIC2 21; BMC 23] 17 Obv. Nero bareheaded. Rev. Ceres EX S C [RIC2 23; BMC 25] 18 Obv. Nero laureate, bearded. Rev. Augustus Augusta. [RIC2 forty four; BMC fifty two] 19 Rev. Virtus EX S C [RIC2 forty; BMC forty five] 20 Rev. Augustus Germanicus (Nero radiate). [RIC2 forty six; BMC fifty six] 21 Gates of Janus. [RIC 2 50; BMC sixty four] 22 Obv. Nero laureate, bearded [RIC2 fifty two; BMC sixty seven] Sestertii (actual dimension) (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) 23 Rev. Annona Augusti Ceres. [RIC2 ninety eight] 24 Rev. August (i) Por (t) Ost (i) S C [RIC2 181; BMC 134] 25 Rev. Decursio. [RIC2 107] 26 Rev. Roma S C [RIC2 274; BMC 178] 27 Obv. Imp Nero Caesar with globe (Lugdunum mint). Rev. Triumphal Arch S C [RIC2 500; BMC 333] Dupondii, As and Semis (actual measurement) (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) 28 Rev. Mac (ellum) Aug. S C [RIC2 402; BMC 336] 29 Rev. Securitas Augusti. [RIC2 519; BMC 342] 30 Obv. Nero radiate. Rev. Victoria Augusti S C. Mark of worth: II. [RIC2 199; BMC 219] 31 Obv. Nero radiate. Rev. Apollo with lyre S C. Mark of price: I. [RIC2 211; BMC 256] 32 Rev. Cer (tamen) quin (quennale) Rom(a) Co(stitutum) S C. Mark of price: S. [RIC2 233; BMC 261] THE TYRANNY OF artwork building, and insufficient fire-fighting equipment, there has been not anything regimen approximately this blaze. It broke out within the early hours of nineteen July and lasted for 6 days, purely to be renewed for a different 3 days: it successfully levelled 3 of the fourteen areas (3, 10, eleven) into which Augustus had divided Rome, leaving basically 4 untouched (1, five, 6, 14). 39 the 1st outbreak began in a few outlets to the south of the Palatine round the Circus Maximus, and unfold north alongside the east facet of the Palatine, throughout the Colosseum Valley to the decrease reaches of the Esquiline. the second one outbreak began to the north of the Capitoline Hill yet it seems that didn't unfold to the Campus Martius the place constructions have been opened to homeless population of town. the fireplace destroyed retailers, tenements, huge deepest homes and temples within the center of town, and hence gave the creative Emperor a chance to rebuild Rome closer to his heart’s wish. regrettably, it's very tricky to get well Nero’s intentions simply because this scheme, left incomplete, used to be quickly deserted by way of his successors. certainly, a lot that have been complete was once undone within the response that started less than the Flavian dynasty, in order that, for architectural is still, we're left basically with what survived within the basements of different men’s constructions. back, Nero’s plans attracted the eye of our literary resources accurately simply because they affected humans in detail and for this reason produced powerful and biased reactions. those emotions are mirrored in our assets and render them suspect. It used to be, in truth, now not loads the overall reconstruction plan as its crowning characteristic, Nero’s new palace, that attracted robust hostility. while discussing the overall rebuilding of the town Tacitus and Suetonius have the ability to supply a few dispassionate element intermixed with cool feedback or even tepid approval on social and aesthetic grounds.

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