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This quantity provides the ultimate file at the excavation of 2 Prepalatial tholos tombs and their linked is still at Chatzinas Liophyto close to the Moni Odigitria (monastery) in south-central Crete. The grave items and burial is still contain pottery, steel gadgets, chipped stones, stone vases, gold and stone jewellery, sealstones, and human skeletal fabric. the result of the linked survey of the higher catchment of the Hagiopharango sector also are said. The booklet finishes with a reappraisal of our knowing of the early cost of the Hagiopharango and a Greek precis.

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P339 (HM 25225; Fig. fifty three; Pl. forty) (90%) W:20, F:1F4. a slightly heavy little conical cup with strains of a extensive band of flaky black paint round the rim. Pouring Vessels P340 (HM 24872; Fig. fifty three) (100%) W:11, F:2A7. a truly small, nearly miniature, jug with a undeniable flaky black wash. Small jugs of this kind ensue from EM II to MM I, an in depth parallel being from Lebena I (Alexiou and Warren 2004, fig. 9:124), dated through context to MM I. THE POTTERY ASSEMBLAGE: info AND research P341 (HM 24851) (95%) W:18, F:2A7. related jug to P340 yet with a reduce and extra reported waist. The physique is embellished with white painted strains on a black wash; these at the neck run diagonal/horizontal, and people at the physique are nearly vertical. A broader purple painted band passes round the neck of the vessel. MM I. P342 (Fig. fifty four) W:10, F:2C6. a wide trough-spouted deep bowl with a crimson wash. EM II. Serving Vessels P343 (Fig. fifty four) W:1, F:3A1. a marginally flared deep bowl in Wiped Ware. EM I. P344 (HM 25226; Fig. fifty four; Pl. forty three) (55%) W:22, F:3A6 variation. An strange vase narrowing towards the moderate lip, and indented within the rear wall in order that from above it takes on a center form. regardless of its strange form it seems that to be wheelmade, even though its textile might recommend an previous date than MM IB. P345 (HM 25384; Fig. fifty four) (70%) W:23, F:3B1. A straight-sided shallow dish, strange for having a truly low molded ring base. P346 (Fig. fifty four) W:14, F:3B2. A deep dish in Variegated Ware with an inturned bead rim. EM IIB. P347 (Fig. fifty four) W:22, F:3B4. a wide deep bowl with horizontal handles, embellished with vast inverted chevrons in reddish-brown paint. Communal Vessels P348 (Fig. fifty five) W:22, F:6D1. An outsize bowl (dia. forty five cm), almost certainly initially on a pedestal, adorned inside of with festoons of purple paint and outdoors with a vast rim band. 119 P349 W:22, F:6E1. a wide pedestal dish with a vast tubular pedestal. The bowl of the dish is adorned with rim and basal bands joined by way of occasional vertical bars in reddish-brown paint. Symbolic Vessels P350 (HM 25465; Fig. fifty five) (50%) W:2, F:7. A miniature handless bowl. EM I–IIA. dialogue as well as the ten complete/restored vases, huge items of numerous different vessels have been discovered one of the 1,200 sherds from stratum III of the Ossuary. The presence of a lot pottery and such a lot of whole vases in an ossuary pit, including its very massive chronological span, means that pottery used to be got rid of besides the bones from the tholos and redeposited within the Ossuary. no matter if the strange outsize or communal vessel was once additionally initially contained in the tomb or was once used after which deposited on the time of the Ossuary’s use is doubtful. however the most modern vessels or sherds within the Ossuary date as overdue as MM IB–IIA (and comprise one fragment of a Kamares cup made in very nice eggshell ware). The small Polychrome jug (P341) is an entire vase that used to be chanced on thoroughly buried in stratum III. most likely it needs to point out that the Ossuary was once crammed up no previous to MM IA. crew BO: The Ossuary Pit, Stratum IV now we have already mentioned above the uncertainties over strata III and IV within the Ossuary.

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