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This quantity celebrates the profession of archaebotanist Professor Gordon C. Hillman. Twenty-eight papers disguise quite a lot of issues reflecting the good effect that Hillman has had within the box of archaeobotany. The papers are break up into 4 sections: own reflections on Professor Hillman s occupation; archaeobotanical thought and approach; ethnoarchaeological and cultural stories; and historic plant use from websites and areas worldwide. the gathering demonstrates, as Gordon Hillman believes, that the learn of archaebotany is not just helpful, yet very important for any research of humanity.

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Stevens 7 Dormancy and the plough: Weed seed biology as a trademark of agrarian switch within the first millennium advert Martin Jones ETHNOBOTANY AND EXPERIMAENT eight Wild plant meals: regimen supplements or famine meals? Füsun Ertuğ nine Acorns as nutrition in southeast Turkey: Implications for prehistoric subsistence in Southwest Asia Sarah Mason and Mark Nesbitt 10 Water chestnuts (Trapa natans L. ) as debatable crops: Botanical, ethno-historical and archaeological facts 7 Ksenija Borojević eleven facts of domestication within the previous global grain legumes Ann Butler 12 Einkorn (Triticum monococcum L. ) cultivation in mountain groups of the western Rif (Morocco): An ethnoarchaeological undertaking Leonor Peña-Chocarro, Lydia Zapata Peña, Jesús Emilio González Urquijo and Juan José Ibáñez Estévez thirteen the significance and antiquity of frikkeh: an easy snack or a socio-economic indicator of decline and prosperity within the historical close to East? Amr Al Azm 14 The doum palm (Hyphaene thebaica) in South Arabia: earlier and current Dominique de Moulins and Carl Phillips 15 Harvesting experiments at the clonal helophyte sea club-rush (Bolboschoenus maritimus (L. ) Palla): An method of deciding upon variables that can have encouraged hunter-gatherer source choice in past due Pleistocene Southwest Asia Michèle Wollstonecroft eight 16 points of the archaeology of the Irish keyhole-shaped corn-drying kiln with specific connection with archaeobotanical reports and archaeological experiments Michael A. Monk and Ellen Kelleher ARCHAEOBOTANY 17 Glimpsing right into a hut: The financial system and Society of Ohalo II’s population Ehud Weiss 18 Reconstruction of neighborhood forest crops and use of firewood at Epipalaeolithic cave websites in southwest Anatolia (Turkey) Danièle Martinoli 19 crops and subsistence of the Epipalaeolithic in Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt: Charcoal and macro-remains from Masara websites Ursula Thanheiser 20 The makes use of of Eryngium yuccifolium via local American humans Marie Scott Standifer, Jenna Tedrick Kuttruff, and Shirley Cotter Tucker 21 Bananas: in the direction of a revised prehistory nine Jean Kennedy 22 the improvement of agriculture within the coastal area of East Asia Elena A. Sergusheva and Yury E. Vostretsov 23 Knossos, Crete: Invaders, “sea goers”, or formerly “invisible”, the Neolithic plant economic system looks fully-fledged in 9,000 BP Anaya Sarpaki 24 Reconstructing the ear morphology of historic small-grain wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. parvicoccum) M. E. Kislev 25 The KHALUB-tree in Mesopotamia: fable or truth? Naomi F. Miller and Alhena Gadotti 26 The archaeobotany of cotton (Gossypium sp. L. ) in Egypt and Nubia with precise connection with Qasr Ibrim, Egyptian Nubia A. J. Clapham and P. A. Rowley-Conwy 27 Questions of continuity: Fodder and gasoline use in Bronze Age Egypt Mary Anne Murray 10 28 meals and tradition: The plant meals from Roman and Islamic Quseir, Egypt Marijke van der Veen, Jacob Morales and Alison Cox eleven Introduction: In honour of Professor Gordon C. Hillman Andrew S. Fairbairn and Ehud Weiss it's with nice excitement that we current 28 educational papers honouring the profession of archaeobotanist Professor Gordon C.

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