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By Erich von Däniken


Chariots of the Gods was once instantly well-known as a piece of huge value whilst it first brought the speculation that old Earth had confirmed touch with aliens.

Erich von Däniken's examines historic ruins, misplaced towns, spaceports, and a myriad of tough medical evidence that time to extraterrestrial intervention in human historical past. such a lot impressive of all, despite the fact that, is von Däniken's idea that we're the descendants of those galactic pioneers—and he finds the archeological discoveries that end up it...

The dramatic discoveries and irrefutable evidence:
• An alien astronaut preserved in a pyramid
• Thousand-year-old spaceflight navigation charts
• desktop astronomy from Incan and Egyptian ruins
• A map of the land underneath the ice cap of Antarctica
• a massive spaceport came upon within the Andes

contains extraordinary pictures that record mankind's first touch with extraterrestrial beings on the sunrise of civilization.

From the Paperback edition.

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During this connexion the London instances writes: "Whether UFO's are the fabricated from collective hallucinations, whether or not they originate web page 138 from Venusian viewers or are to be understood as a divine revelation—there has to be an evidence for them, differently the Russians might by no means have organize a Committee of Enquiry". ' the main miraculous and perplexing incident hooked up with the phenomenon of 'matter from the universe' came about at 7. 17 at the morning of 30 June, 1908, within the Siberian Taiga. A fire-ball shot around the sky and was once misplaced within the steppe. guests at the Trans-Siberian Railway saw a gleaming mass which moved from south to north. A thunder-bolt shook the teach, explosions and many of the seisomographic stations on the earth registered an considerable earth tremor. At Irkutsk, 550 miles from the epicentre, the needle of the seismograph went on quivering for almost an hour. The noise can be heard over a radius of 621 miles. complete herds of reindeer have been destroyed. Nomads have been whirled up into the air with their tents. now not till 1921 did Professor Kulik start to acquire eyewitness debts. ultimately he additionally succeeded in amassing the cash for a systematic day trip to this in moderation populated quarter of the Taiga. whilst the excursion reached the Stony Tunguska in 1927, they have been confident that they might locate the crater made through a huge meteorite. Their conviction became out to be rather flawed. They observed the 1st bushes with no tops up to 37 miles from the centre of the explosion. The closer they got here to the serious element, the extra barren the district grew to become. timber stood there like shaved telegraph poles; within the region of the centre even the most powerful bushes were snapped off outwards. final they discovered strains of a massive conflagration. Pushing on additional north, the excursion turned confident gigantic explosion should have taken position. once they came upon holes of all sizes in swampy flooring they suspected the influence of meteorites; they dug and drilled within the marshy flooring with no discovering a unmarried remnant, a bit of iron, a little nickel or a lump of stone. years later the hunt was once endured with greater drills and better technical assets. They drilled to a intensity of 118 feet with out discovering a unmarried hint of any-kind of meteoric fabric. In 1961 and 1963 extra expeditions have been despatched to the Tunguska via the Soviet Academy of Sciences. The 1963 excursion was once less than the management of the geophysician Solotov. This workforce of scientists, now built with the main sleek technical home equipment, got here to the belief that the explosion within the Siberian Tunguska should have been a nuclear one. web page 139 The form of an explosion may be decided whilst numerous actual orders of value that brought on it are recognized. this sort of orders of significance within the Tunguska explosion used to be recognized within the giant quantity of radiant power emitted. within the Taiga the excursion discovered timber 11 miles from the centre of the explosion that have been uncovered to radiation and set on fireplace through it for the time being of explosion.

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